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Guess who just became an ordained minister?

Me!!    You can call me Pastor Paul !!

A couple of friends took my improv classes and didn't want a traditional wedding so, they asked me to officiate their wedding in May of 2021.

If you want me to officiate YOUR wedding call me at 704-618-4203.  A 10 minute call could save you 15% or more!

Being an ordained minister lets me officiate weddings, funerals, baptisms and even start a church!

What do you get when you mix religion and humor?  

The Church of Fun

hands together as if praying
Hands opening up from praying position
Hands open and showing fingers in clasped position
Minister credentials certificate

What makes us different?

You only have to follow 6 out of the 10 commandments.  You'll be happy to know Coveting is still allowed.  And we've expanded it beyond just thy neighbor's wife.

Assigned Seating

Seating in the church is based on how much you give.  The more you give the closer you sit.  In fact if you give enough, you can sit in the pastor's chair.


Due to the fact that so many people in the choir have horrible voices (and it's hard to let them know that), the Church of Fun will pipe in music from better singers and our choir will lip sync.

Sunday Service

Since the Pastor doesn't get up early, sunrise service will be at 2pm.  And the late service will always be cancelled due to darkness. 


Our collection plate is massive.  And like an emergency row on a plane, we can seat you somewhere else if you are too weak to pass the tray along.  We will need a verbal "ok" from everyone who sits in a pew.

Collection plate

Bible Study made easy

As a minister who infrequently reads, you'll be happy to know the only book of the Bible that we study is Mark since I have a friend named Mark. 


It is unfortunate for me, but helpful for you, that I had a falling out with my dear friends Nehemiah, Ezekiel, and Obadiah.

Horse play at the pool

Swimming at your local YMCA or JCC can involve improvised water games such as tag or hold your breath the longest. If Pastor Paul dunks you under water, you may have lost the dunking game contest, however, all is not lost, you may have also been baptized.  Make sure to ask.

Quote from the lost books of the Old Testament that Pastor Paul found while in Israel

Hippilayah 17- 35 - 9

(also a locker combination at the YMCA on Morrison drive)

"Spread joy and laughter on the Sabbath.  The stoning can wait til Monday". 

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