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Dust to Dust

Person looking at their finger after wiping it on a dusty table
Two gas masks as a gift and the boxed gift is slightly open

One day in 2011 Kelly really wasn’t thinking clearly because my friend, Daryl, who was in the military and prided himself on cleanliness, was coming over to our house and Kelly thought the place looked spotless. 


A few hours later, Daryl, Leslie and their children, Hayden and Hannah, came for a visit. After dinner, we all sat in the living room. Within seconds, Daryl and Hayden started throwing a nurf football. That wasn’t a good idea.  After a few throws Hayden inadvertently hit the lampshade near the sunlit window and when we all turned to make sure there was no damage, we witnessed a huge, massive dust ball coming off the lampshade.  I had never seen anything like it.  It looked like the atomic bomb had hit our living room.  The dust mushroomed up and slowly settled on all of us. Kelly was mortified.  No one uttered a sound for a minute.


I leaned in to Kelly and whispered, "Honey, maybe they didn't notice".  Just then Daryl said to Hayden, "Put your hand over your mouth son and try not to breathe til we leave.”  And little 6-year-old Hannah proudly said, "Mommy, I wrote my name on the coffee table". 


Kelly swore that she kept a very clean house.  Daryl reassured her and said, “I know you do".  Calming down Kelly said, "Thank you, that means a lot".  A minute later Daryl took out a his phone and made a voice memo, "Requisition two gas masks at headquarters and send them to Kelly's house immediately.” 


Kelly would have disappeared quietly out of the room on her stomach if she didn’t believe we could easily follow her path!  That Christmas, Daryl followed through on his gift ( see picture).


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