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February 19th, 2022   8pm - 9:31pm  

The Team!!

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The Super Bowl of improv show

The Single Life VS The Married Life

In 1989, I met a girl, Jill, at a club and she asked if I wanted to come back to her place.  With unbridled enthusiasm, I jumped in my car to follow her. If she drove over the speed limit, so did I.  If she went through a red light, so did I.  If she hit a pedestrian, so did I.  I followed her so closely you would have thought her car was a tow truck. 


When we pulled into her apartment complex, the Essex, I was thrilled.  I lived there too!!  In fact, I blurted it out as soon as we got out of our cars.  But then it hit me...I am 24 years old, don't have a job, and live there with my mom and dad. 


Jill asked, "Do you live alone"?   

I shook my head sideways, "I have two roommates...a guy and a girl." 

Interested in this dynamic, she followed up, "Are they a couple?" 

I said, "Oh, yeah." 

She smiled, "Maybe I know them."   

Trying to end this interrogation I flatly stated, "I doubt it, they're older...like a lot, lot older...like they're almost dead." 

After another minute I thought to myself, she likes you, just be honest. "I live with my mom and dad." 

5 minutes later the date was over. 

On a positive note, "my roommates" were happy I was home before curfew.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Paul Marks

When I was single
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Tickets are 11.00 in advance; 



Fort Mill Community Playhouse

220 Main Street

Fort Mill, SC  29715