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OTC has two improv shows this December

 December 16th, 2023   8pm - 9:45pm

 December 30th, 2023   8pm - 9:45pm

Tickets:  15.00 adv   20.00 door

Tickets:  15.00 adv   20.00 door


Fort Mill Community Playhouse

220 Main Street

Fort Mill, SC  29715


Please call 704-618-4203 if you have any questions.

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So, I got a note from the lady (pictured in yellow) who attended our last improv show.  “I loved the show and laughed harder than I ever have before.  Thank you for making me smile and bringing me such joy”.  Now, I’m no body language expert…


By the way, who chooses that image as their profile picture?  “I want something that shows my inner hatred of mankind.”



Anyway, if we brought this lady such happiness, imagine what we can do for you!!  Come celebrate the end of 2023 with OTC improv and see us once or twice.


*A special thanks to Amanda Boyle, Glenn Blanco, Tim Counts, Ann Meyer, and Connor (I’m not sure of his last name; he’s new to the group) for making every practice, zoom call, and show memorable.  You guys are great!


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