Sophomore Spark Summit
at Duke University

August 27th, 2022
12:45pm until 1:45pm
"Hi, Paul!  
I was at your leading with laughter workshop and it was absolutely amazing!  I don't think I've ever been to or heard of any workshop as Wonderful as yours!  You're brilliant"
-- Shreya Mishra, MEM Candidate at Duke University
West Campus
Student Wellness Center 
Room 148/149
“Naturally caffeinated.”  
                     -The Charlotte Observer


Why is a Beta Test improv workshop so different?

People hear improv and think you have to be funny to attend the class.  That is not true.  The Beta Test workshop is designed to help folks develop quick-thinking skills, creativity, confidence, empathy, and humor.  The program delves into the science behind a lot of the exercises to help people strengthen the neural connections in the brain and understand what is happening in their minds during class. 


It’s for this reason that over the past decade, Paul has been hired to work with companies sometimes more than 20 times including Ingersoll Rand, Duke University, Wells Fargo, UNCC, Compass Group, etc.  Business improv clients:


➔ Learn to nurture the right side of the brain to help with dream recall and creativity 

➔ Develop a new skill set to improve quick thinking skills

➔ Learn exercises to get to know people in a meaningful manner 

➔ Enhance active listening skills through observation and interaction 

➔ Leave the workshop with a list of exercises to practice at your leisure to help strengthen right brain thinking 

Paul’s Bio:  In July of 2009, Paul formed Beta Test improv to teach leadership, public speaking, and quick thinking skills through improvisation.  When he first began offering the workshops, 4 companies took a chance on this unique business and science improv program.  By 2018, Paul was giving more than 90 speeches across the country annually and in 2019, Paul gave his first TEDx talk on this business improv relationship. 

Business Website:


"Today’s session was great.  Some words people used to describe it were: awesome, electric, motivational, therapeutic, innovative, and creative".

                                  -   Rich Robles Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion  Novant Health