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      OTC improv HOLIDAY show
December 10th        8pm - 9:45pm

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In 2014 Madison (our daughter) was in the 7th grade and still fully believed in Santa. How could this happen?  The kids in school had told her Santa wasn’t real.   It seems Madison had equated Jesus and Santa together.  To her, you couldn’t see either one of them and that meant complete faith in both. And apparently, Santa may have died for our sins!

So on Christmas night that year, Kelly told her the truth: “Mommy” is Santa. 

Madison cried for hours. At times she was almost inconsolable.  Around midnight,

she finally calmed down, relaxed, and after we explained everything, she went to bed

with a new understanding of the spirit of Christmas.  She was going to be fine. 

But at two in the morning Madison came in our room and said in a defeated tone,

“That…that means the Easter Bunny isn’t real”, then she paused for a second, fell

face first on our bed, and said, “Oh god, the tooth fairy is fake too”.

Later that morning she did crack a smile and say, “At least Mermaids are good”.


Fast forward to 2022 and Madison is a well-adjusted teen with no residual effects

from that “scarring” moment in 2014.  Although now she hates the holidays,

scoffs at the mall Santa, and is a devout atheist.



Fort Mill Community Playhouse

220 Main Street

Fort Mill, SC  29715


Please call 704-618-4203 if you have any questions.






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