is coming to
the JCC in Columbia

Over The Counter improv

August 21st, 2022         3pm until 6pm
“Naturally caffeinated.”  
                 -The Charlotte Observer
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Train The Brain

Come find out why Paul gave a TEDx talk on improv and the brain, and why more than 40,000 people, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and even the Mayor of Charlotte have taken part in this important workshop.

Paul's seminar teaches quick-thinking skills, humor, creativity, empathy, and body language by nurturing the right side of the brain using science and a creative form of improvisation.

➔ Learn to nurture the right side of the brain to help with dream recall and creativity 

➔ Develop a new skill set to improve quick thinking skills 

➔ Learn exercises to get to know people in a meaningful manner 

➔ Enhance active listening skills through observation and interaction 

➔ Leave the workshop with a list of exercises to practice at your leisure to help strengthen right brain thinking

The cost is 40 dollars for the 3 hour workshop.  Click HERE to buy tickets or call the JCC in Columbia at 803-787-2023


306 Flora Dr, Columbia, SC 29223

"Hey man.  I just wanted take a second to let you know how much my mom and I enjoyed your presentation tonight at Minds Matter. I really admired how quickly you turned a room of strangers into a group of friends. You really inspired me, I feel honored to have been a part of it. Keep up the good work!" 

                                                                                                  --Chris, Mind Matters employee.