Leadership Training 

The OTC improv leadership training and development course in Charlotte, NC, is all about becoming successful by utilizing the right side of the brain through a unique form of improvisation.


Studies have shown that 2 key attributes are sought after for the 21st century leader:  Creativity and Humor.


In fact, one study showed that 91% of CEO's believe a person with a good sense of humor does a better job in the workplace and is more apt for career advancement than a person who is always serious.

OTC improv teaches potential leaders how to use the right side of the brain to achieve their goals. They develop self-deprecating humor, an ability to think outside the box to problem solve, and learn to create a work environment that nurtures teamwork.

Finally, our goal is to make the next water cooler conversation more about bonding as a group, thinking as a team member, and incorporating the philosophy that not only is the sum greater than its parts; it can be a lot more fun too.

Leadership  development through humor
Leadership workshop seminar
Training leaders at the corporate level

A funny thing happened on the way to becoming a Leader


The workshop includes:


  • How to use improv to develop self-confidence and find your voice


  • How to use improv to help develop an appreciation for everyone's ideas 


  • Mastering skills to communicate and listen more effectively


  • Using improv to help with creativity and innovation



Call Paul Marks at 704-618-4203 or email him for more information.

"I wanted to say a BIG thank you for Tuesday’s Improv-Session. The feedback has been extremely positive!  I think your instruction was an excellent learning experience".  

     -Tim Key, Group Vice President, SunTrust Bank

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