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It's the March Madness improv show

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 March 16th, 2024   
8pm - 9:47pm

Tickets:  15.00 adv   20.00 door


Fort Mill Community Playhouse

220 Main Street

Fort Mill, SC  29715

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It’s time for the March Madness improv show.  Our team has an amazing skillset that correlates to the hardwood.

Our point guard is Ann Meyer and she leads the team in fouls (aka offending the audience) and is about 37 years past her basketball prime.  Our shooting guard, Amanda Jackson, averages more than 5 jokes per show but has been known to go into a humor slump which can last shows!   Our small forward, Glenn Blanco is the enforcer on the team but also carries an asthma inhaler, so there’s that.  Our power forward is Conner Wentling.  He collects the most technicals for things like improper improv touching on the team.  Our center, Tim Counts, is a rebounding machine.  He rebounds after every poor performance…that’s a lot of rebounds!    And Kelly Marks is on the team because the trading deadline passed and we got no offers

 -Paul Marks

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