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He's from Boston, Massachusetts, and she's from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  
War between the Mates

Wedding picture of paul in black tux and kelly in white dress outside on green grass

​Date me...I'm Amazing


Whether you are single or married this workshop is about helping YOU to become even more amazing.  I know, is that even possible?  This hilarious interactive program helps people to enhance listening skills, become better conversationalists, and add humor and happiness into their relationships.​​

With concrete exercises and the neuroscience of brain plasticity, Paul and Kelly will give people the tools they need to become the best date ever.   And you will enjoy the banter between Paul and Kelly as they spill the dirt on each other about their life together.


The wedding 1993

Paul & Kelly leading a dating workshop for 300+ guests

Paul and Kelly at front of huge room leading a workshop on dating

Clickable Stories

Through a Baby's Eyes

Picture of a baby next to a tree looking to the left in a blue hat and blue dress

Their daughter Madison's humorous diary on the 1st year of life with Paul and Kelly as parents!

See how improv may improve
a relationship.



  • You will learn how to nurture the right side of the brain using improv to add humor and connect on an emotional level with your loved one.




  • You will participate in improv exercises to enhance listening skills and be present in the moment because, as we like to say, "No one has ever been called a bad date for listening too much"!!




  • You will leave the event with a dozen exercises that are fun, helpful and have been used by Paul and Kelly hundreds of times to connect on a deeper and funnier level.




To book Paul & Kelly for your event:

Phone:  704-618-4203



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