Come see why 24 straight shows

have sold out. 

And this show is in Charlotte!!


It's the NCAA improv basketball show

Saturday, April 4th    8:00pm - 9:47pm

The group hitting the stage:

Paul Marks

Tim Counts


David Hutto


Mel Ratliff


Ann Meyer


Amanda Boyle

New Glenn.JPG

Glenn Blanco

susan i.jpeg

Susan Intrieri

Is your tourney bracket busted?  Well, come see our basketball improv team. Their skill is amazing. It’s like the Harlem Globetrotters; I mean, except for everyone is lily-white, and really out of shape.


Our point guard is Mel Ratliff, and she leads the team in fouls (aka offending the audience) and incidentally, in foul language both on and off the court.  Our shooting guard, Amanda Jackson, is always traveling.  Seriously, this woman lives more than an hour away from all our shows and never misses one.  No one has the heart to say, “We’re good”; so, she is ALWAYS there.  Our small forward, Glenn Blanco, is the team captain.  If that doesn’t scream talent, what does? Glenn does have a dribbling problem.  Apparently, he produces an excessive amount of saliva on show nights.  That’s probably TMI.  Our power forward is Ann Meyer.  She averages more than 5 jokes per show but has been known to go into a shooting (joke) slump which can last years!  “You’ll get ‘em next time Ann” seems to be our post show mantra.  Our center is Tim Counts.  He is a rebounding machine.  He rebounds after every poor performance…that’s a lot of rebounds!  David Hutto rarely sees the court.  You will usually see DNP (did not play) by his name, due to lack of humor.  


As I write this, I am sure if you ask the players, they would say, “Coach Marks is beloved by the entire team”!



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