Pink Slip:  improv on the edge!

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September 29th,  8pm-9:47pm

Join us for a night of improv on the 272nd day of the year.   At 8pm or the 6,524 hour of 2018, Pink Slip improv will hit the stage and by the 6,526th hour, you will have wondered how the 6,525th to the 6,526th hour went so fast!!

Incidentally, the show will last 6,420 seconds. 


Disclaimer:  Some audience members claim they feel every excruciating second when they are there!!

Cost:  8.00 in advance.  10.00 at the door. 


Fort Mill Community Playhouse

220 Main Street

Fort Mill, SC  29715


Please call 704-618-4203 if you have any questions.