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July 25th, 2020   8pm until 9:30pm  ONLINE

The Team!!

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RECESS presents

"Not a bad seat in YOUR house" improv show 

In the show, we'll get some of your suggestions via "chat". We'll poll you for ideas and we will ask you to send us a few funny pictures for a possible scene!  Zoom is different but we can make it work with your help.

How to ZOOM and watch the show? Buy your ticket(s) and we will provide you with a link via email (the same day of your purchase) to access the waiting room of our show on July 25th. On that night, please use your laptop, phone or desktop to enter the URL code (that we send in the email) and Kelly will check you in and we will start the show at 8pm. You can also call me at 704-618-4203 if you need me to walk you through the steps. I am more than happy to do that.

Blurbs from our house during the quarantine:

Madison thought she did better than we said on her final test in math. She said, “Where is the test”? Kelly said, “We filed it away. Look for a folder that says disappointment”!!

Kelly works out all the time. One day we were in the kitchen talking and she just quietly pulled up the sleeve on her shirt so I could admire the definition of her tricep. I gazed at her arm and said, “I...I don’t think it’s cancer”!!

Kelly said to me, "Did you know that you can't read in your dreams"? I said, "Why would I do that...I don't read when I'm awake"

Kelly and I met a lady (Jennifer) who had 4 children and has recently become single. Jennifer said she is on the dating sites but is NOT looking for a baby daddy. I said, “Of course not... you’re looking for a baby sitter”



Recess show:


Saturday, July 25th, 2020.    

8pm - 9:30pm


Tickets:  5.00 in advance/ 7.00 day of the event




Online through ZOOM


Please call 704-618-4203 if you have any questions.






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