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April 10th, 2021   8pm until 9:31pm  Zoom

The Team!!

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the NCAA basketball improv show

The NCAA tournament has just finished, and it got me thinking: our improv cast is like a basketball team although I would hate to see the scouting report. 

The point guard for RECESS is Matt Charity.  He is 70 years old and has bad knees and can’t run.  The shooting guard is Ann Meyer.  She is old too and has wondered out loud why the basketball doesn’t have laces anymore.


Their big forward is Glenn Blanco who has asthma and holds his inhaler while trying to rebound. He also has some vertigo issues and is prone to fall into the opposing team’s bench. Their elderly center is 4’10” Sonja Stetzler who sometimes forgets which team she is playing for and has been known to cheer for the opposition. 

Their small forward is Amanda Boyle who is only 37 but doesn’t really affect the average age of the group since they have so many old players.

The 6th man of this group is Ralph Henderson.  He comes off the bench and averages 0 points and 6 fouls a game.  He also has a tiny bladder which causes him to run off the court while on defense multiple times during the game.  His team has been known to hide his water bottle.

The final member of the team is Blaine Tolison who is the stat keeper of the group.  He is currently enrolled in Adult math at CPCC.  Last week he tallied up the numbers and said, “We won 134 to 120” when they actually lost 37 to 3.

And their coach is Paul Marks who sometimes cries on the sidelines while calling out offensive and defensive plays. He calls his timeouts without any strategy; usually, just to recompose himself.  Paul also has the team watch Lawrence Welk reruns before games to psych them up.  Amanda does not participate in this ritual. 

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Saturday, April 10th, 2021.    

8pm - 9:31pm


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Come see RECESS for their first improv show of 2021.  They will take your chat suggestions and cover any topic that comes into your head.