Come see why 22 straight shows

have sold out. 

And this show is in Charlotte!!

The Super Bowl of improv show

The Single Life   VS   The Married Life

Saturday, February 1st    8:00pm - 9:47pm

The group hitting the stage:

Paul Marks

Glenn Blanco

Tim Counts

David Hutto

Mel Ratliff

Ann Meyer

Amanda Boyle

Susan Intrieri

Just in time for the Super Bowl, OTC presents its annual improv playoff to see which lifestyle is better!  

One of the benefits of being married is that my life expectancy has increased by 7 years. It would be even higher except Kelly is also 32% more likely to poison me. Luckily, most of her food is inedible so she needs a plan B!!

One of the benefits of being single is that you don’t have to answer to anybody.  You can party all night with hundreds of your best friends.  Although this holiday season single people gobbled up Solitaire and searched “Games you can play alone” in record numbers!!



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