Over The Counter improv
is coming to UNCC

August 28th, 2022
Keith and Joel puppet laughing picture in OTC improv class
Laughing on Stage at an OTC improv show
group fake stomping on Paul while he is on the ground
“Naturally caffeinated.”  
                              -The Charlotte Observer


Paul's FREE workshop teaches quick-thinking skills, humor, creativity, empathy, and body language by nurturing the right side of the brain using science and a creative form of business improvisation.

His interactive speech is peppered with right-brain exercises to help folks deal with anxiety, public speaking, and leadership skills. The thought-provoking and refreshingly candid speech connect people in a more honest and positive way.


"Today’s session was great.  Some words people used to describe it were: awesome, electric, motivational, therapeutic, innovative, and creative".

                                  -   Rich Robles Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion  Novant Health


"Hey man.  I just wanted take a second to let you know how much my mom and I enjoyed your presentation tonight at Minds Matter. I really admired how quickly you turned a room of strangers into a group of friends. You really inspired me, I feel honored to have been a part of it. Keep up the good work!" 

                                                  --Chris, improv participant. 


130 Rowe Building (UNCC campus)

9119 University Rd, Charlotte, NC 28223

Time and Date

Sunday, August 28th from 6pm until 8:30pm