Over The Counter Improv 

This game is called Arms Dealer and Dustin is acting as the arms for Phillip

Please join us on Saturday, August 16th, at 8pm

Location: Actor’s Theater of Charlotte




The “I’m so depressed” Comedy improv show


I’ve always wanted to write an ad for our show that sounded horrible.  Something you would never see an ad company write.  Here it goes…

Please, please, please come to our next improv show.  Our last show had only 4 people who showed up.  Four.  And to top it off, two of them left at intermission and asked for a refund!!  And you would think that an audience that small wouldn’t boo us but damn if they didn’t; and, it was loud too.  That heckling sound caused us to get lost in our scenes, which made us sweat like a hooker in church, which in turn caused us incredible stage fright.  Therefore, we weren’t able to think clearly or make any witty jokes. There is no one to blame but the audience. 


With that in mind, we hope to see you at our next show!!


Tickets are 10.00 in advance; 12.00 at the door.


Please scroll to the top of this page to purchase tickets online to be assured of a seat at the show.  Please feel free to enter the Promo Code: Paul (available online only) for a 20% discount and NO service fees!  



Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte

650 East Stonewall Street

Charlotte, NC 28202