Over The Counter Improv 

OTC in action.  This game is called Arms Dealer because Dustin is acting as Phillip's Arms!!


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OTC improv is proud to have 300 East Restaurant as a sponsor of our next two shows.



The sold out streak is over 


OTC improv had a few open seats at last night’s show. 

Kelly, my wife, asked me why I put myself under so much pressure and booked back-to-back weekend shows.  I said, “I wanted to see if we could sell out each time”.  She looked up from her book and said sarcastically, “Well, I guess you got your answer”!!


Come help us start a new sold out streak!!

Saturday, October 4th, at 8pm


Location: Actor’s Theater of Charlotte



Tickets are 10.00 in advance;  12.00 at the door.

Please go to www.OTCimprov.com  to purchase tickets online to be assured of a seat at the show.  Please feel free to enter the Promo Code: Paul (available online only) for a 20% discount and NO service fees!  


Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte

650 East Stonewall Street

Charlotte, NC 28202