Over The Counter Improv 

OTC in action.  This game is called Arms Dealer because Dustin is acting as Phillip's Arms!!

Come see why almost 3,000 people have watched

OTC improv over the past two years!!



OTC improv presents its first ever Back-to-Back weekend shows


Saturday, September 27th, at 8pm


Saturday, October 4th, at 8pm


Madison (my daughter) tried Candy Cigarettes at the beach.


I vividly remember getting this gift in my Christmas stocking as a little kid!!  I was like, "Look Mommy, Santa brought me my very own Cancer Starter Kit."


Tickets are 10.00 in advance; 12.00 at the door.


Please scroll to the top of this page,  click on the drop down menu to select the date you'd like to attend, and purchase tickets online to be assured of a seat at the show.   Please feel free to enter the Promo Code: Paul (available online only) for a 20% discount and NO service fees!  


Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte   (Click the link to see other great shows at the theatre)

650 East Stonewall Street

Charlotte, NC 28202