Over The Counter Improv 

OTC in action.  This game is called Arms Dealer because Dustin is acting as Phillip's Arms!!




Selected as the Best Improv group by Creative Loafing Magazine for 2014






 Join us for the final public OTC improv show of 2014


OTC Calendar debut!!    

Special National Anthem sung to honor Veterans Day!!!


Saturday, November 15th, at 8pm


Location: Actor’s Theater of Charlotte




Join OTC improv for a show about closeness. OTC improv has been called a close family…almost too close.   I speak for the entire team when I say we feel like a family of brothers and sisters.  And frankly, it’s a label we find odd since we respect each other’s privacy, space, and frown upon overt inbreeding.


Tickets are 12.00 in advance;  15.00 at the door.

Please go to www.OTCimprov.com  to purchase tickets online to be assured of a seat at the show.  

Please feel free to enter the Promo Code: Paul (available online only) for a 2.00 discount and NO service fees!  


Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte

650 East Stonewall Street

Charlotte, NC 28202


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