Over The Counter Improv 

This game is called Arms Dealer and Dustin is acting as the arms for Phillip


It’s the Mother of all improv shows!


Come see why 11 straight OTC improv shows have sold out!!  

Please join us on Saturday, May 17th, at 8pm 

 Location: Actor’s Theater of Charlotte 




Mother’s Day shouldn’t be just one day only; it should be a weeklong event. In celebration of these terrific moms who gave birth to us, nurtured us, and mostly because the theatre wasn’t available on Mother’s Day, we are celebrating it with an OTC improv show on Saturday, May 17th at 8pm at the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte.  

Tickets are 10.00 in advance; 12.00 at the door.

Please scroll to the top of the page to purchase tickets online to be assured of a seat at the show.  Please feel free to enter the Promo Code: MOM (available online only) for a 20% discount and NO service fees 


Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte

650 East Stonewall Street

Charlotte, NC 28202


Playing around

Introducing   www.married24-7.com  beginning in 2014.



It's a funny and helpful conversation about marriage. 


Come enjoy the banter as Paul & Kelly spill the dirt on each other and along the way provide some hilarious stories about their life together.


And join in the fun as Paul and Kelly play some interactive improv games that have helped their marriage by cultivating the right side of the brain to add creativity, humor, and connect emotionally for the past 20 years.


Please feel free to call or email and book Paul and Kelly for your special event.


Phone:  (704)-618-4203


Email:  MarriageTalk@aol.com

Website:  www.married24-7.com