Paul's interactive workshop and walking through crowd
Learning about active listening by pointing to people in a circle
"Ridiculously funny"
Laughing in a chair at Ingersoll Rand
HilariousTAXI game and people laughing in 4 chairs

Over The Counter improv

(The Entertainment Division)

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What makes this interactive speech/workshop so different?


OTC improv has used its business division (now called Beta Test improv) to help companies connect in a funny and thought-provoking way that is completely unique.

Find out why companies such as Ingersoll Rand, Daimler Trucks, Red Ventures and Fortune 500 companies have chosen his funny interactive speech for team building workshops.

Over The Counter improv (OTC) has used its entertainment division for the last 10 years to perform improvisational shows for thousands of customers.

In addition, OTC has improv classes to help people overcome the fear of public speaking, enhance active listening, and participate in team building exercises.

Find out why almost every show and class has sold out for the past 10+ years!

Corporate Address:

Beta Test improv

9600 Providence Forest Lane

Charlotte, NC  28270


Corporate Location:

OTC improv

9600 Providence Forest Lane

Charlotte, NC  28270