What makes this interactive speech so different?

This highly interactive workshop incorporates fun games and important historical insights into the presentation to develop camaraderie, humor, and spontaneous thinking in a way that is refreshingly honest and thought-provoking.​


1. By strengthening the neural connections to the right side of the brain through improvisation, one’s dreams and eureka moments are enhanced, helping with innovation, creativity, and divergent thinking.


2. Once the business improv exercises have been practiced for a few weeks, the temporary neural connections become stronger and more permanent, making skills such as quick thinking, humor, and empathy much easier to utilize.

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Paul teaches team building skills by nurturing the right side of the brain through a unique and hilarious form of improvisation.

Business improv
Business improv exercise

"Ridiculously funny" 

Public Speaking
Interactive ice breaker


"I serve on the board and the experience with your improv was one of the best moments in my year". 

 -  Hank Talmadge, Ronald McDonald House.