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The Detention Suspension improv show

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  August 24th, 2024   
8pm - 9:47pm

Tickets:  15.00 adv   20.00 door


Fort Mill Community Playhouse

220 Main Street

Fort Mill, SC  29715

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With students going back to school this month, I wondered whatever happened to all those kids in history who spent time in detention or in-school suspension or who were even expelled.  Maybe they turned their lives around.  Maybe they are now scientists or lawyers. Then again, maybe they’re improvisers!!


In the 7th grade (1977),  I was suspended 3 times, and those angry teachers rotary dialed my parents all the time.  And rotary dialing when you are angry is hard.  I know their frustrated chubby fingers kept slipping causing them to have to dial my number again and again especially since my phone number contained two 9s and a 7.

Paul Marks

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